That Mad Scientist Moment

And it hits!

All the pieces join together and everything makes sense!

You can see your next masterpiece right in front of your eyes and woah, is it beautiful or what?

200 (1)

Every person who’s even a bit connected to something creative goes through this. You’re sitting, sipping coffee and BANG suddenly inspiration hits and you’re soon running around the house; gathering your supplies for the thing you want to make.

The surprising part is that we end up making things that we had been planning for quite some time but our dear lazy-self didn’t allow us to. It’s pretty strict, you know.

200 (13)

I ended up making the light reflector during this mad scientist moment. I had to do a photo-shoot and needed it. Sure helped me so much. 😀

This makes us feel really excited and sometimes even gets our heart beating fast. I wonder if Einstein felt the same way… O.o

200 (15)

Ok… maybe not.

And boy if we’re stuck in class! Then that leg doesn’t stops shaking as we keep on looking down at our watch; wondering when we’ll be able to get home and start working on our soon-to-be an amazing masterpiece.

Sometimes I do end up getting exactly what I pictured but alas, as this is a sad world we live in, sometimes I don’t get what I pictured.

After all, somethings are pretty easy when only daydreamed. Sad world, I know. -.-

The cherry on the top is; * drumroll* I have a mad scientist hairstyle all the time when I’m at home. 😀

200 (14)

You never know, it might be the reason of my inspiration moments. 😛

Do you go through this mad scientist moment too? Don’t forget to tell. 🙂

Peace. Meet you all in my next post! 🙂


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