A Gift For All Special Occasions

Is there a birthday coming up?

An Anniversary?

Mothers’/Fathers’/Siblings’s Day?

Or you just want to tell your loved one how much you love them. ❤

Then here’s that one gift which is perfect for a whole lot of special occasions! 😀

And it is; *cues drum roll*

drumroll American Idol

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The ways in which you can use a box

Whether it is a cereal box or any box; you can use it in a variety of wonderful ways.

Making the box which had only one use will be perfect to be placed beside the phone or on your dressing table or maybe the side-table! Perfect to keep your things organized! 😀

Let’s start then; Continue reading

Shoe Box Into Wall Shelves

It’s amazing to see that shoe boxes can be used in such a variety of ways to make them a whole lot useful.

They are economical, present in every house and easy to use.

First we made; Shoe Box into Canvas and I have two paintings in my home made on a shoe box canvas. They look no different to the ones made on a ‘real’ canvas.  Continue reading

Empty tape into your next favorite bracelet

My paper tape just breathed its last a few days back and I was about to bury it in the waste-bin when a thought stopped me! *cues dramatic music* Why not make a bracelet out of it? And so I did and it came out perfect. Just as the title suggests; it’s my favorite one out of all the others I have ever bought! 😀 Pretty sure it will be yours too. Give it a try. 🙂 Continue reading

New addition to your photography studio: Light Reflector

Here’s a DIY to a new addition to your photography studio at home. I’m pretty sure you have all the things already at home. 😀

It’s perfect to be used when there’s not enough light. You can easily spread that light by the help of this light reflector for nice, bright pictures.

I absolutely loved the results I got by using this light reflector! 😀

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Light Box

– You take the perfect picture but then suddenly realize the background is horrible.

– Want to give your picture the studio effect?

Then a light box is what you need and what I needed too.

So, here’s my version of the light box. It is pretty easy to follow and really economical! I’m sure you have all the things already at your home.

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Shoe Box into Canvas


Did you ever have that sudden urge to paint but didn’t have a canvas?

Or maybe you’re not that confident about your painting skills yet, like me, and that’s the reason you don’t want to spend your money on those expensive canvases. Better practice on something not-so-expensive and then take the next step towards ‘officially’ painting on a canvas.

For these reasons and some other; here’s what to do!

Convert a shoe box lid into a brand new canvas! Great thing it is in order to build your confidence about your painting skills.

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