‘It’ – a short story

We had a weird connection; my child and I. A very weird connection, indeed.

My small child had been in my thoughts forever. Every decision that I ever made; I thought of it. I still do, which is bizarre but I still do.

Deciding which job should I choose; I thought of it. I thought if my job would have a good effect or, God forbid, bad effect on my child. Will the job have any facilities for it? Mind you, the job should have facilities for it or I wouldn’t take the job. Period.

Deciding who I should marry; I thought of it. After all, till now, it and I had been together for years, which is bizarre but it’s true. So very true. I thought Continue reading


Amazing Moments From Lord Of The Rings

Lord of the rings is the most amazing experience anyone can have and I can’t imagine anyone who had read the books or seen the movie that hasn’t fallen in love with it. ❤

And with the hype of The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies going on, why not remember some amazing moments from the amazing trilogy! 😀

Check ‘em out; Continue reading

Peshawar Massacre – We shall rise & shine

Dragged from under the tables

Shot in the head, shot in the eye

Over 100 innocent children left us today

And what about the ones who saw this happen right in front of their eyes?

What will they be going through? What will the parents be going through?

With 25 blasts. It is not a school anymore but a battlefield.

They left with books and returned in a coffin.

But the motto of this school, that was once on my copies too, will never fade; Continue reading

Candles that burn no more

You sent your child-a part of you, the biggest source of happiness and peace-to school, like you always do. But you had no idea while you were making breakfast for him and making sure he looked perfect for the school function, that today he might not be coming home smiling-like he always did.

Four students and two teachers martyred with 28 injured as militants attack Army school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

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Today I realized what these terrorists want

Hostages held by ‘Islamists’ in Sydney cafe siege

As many as 30 people being held hostage in a cafe in Martin Place by at least one gunman.

With Christmas right around the corner; the terrorists come to ruin the happiness. And we, instead of focusing on praying for the hostages to come out of the cafe safe and uninjured; started focusing on hate and Anti-Muslim propaganda. Continue reading

Going through the parent scanner

You look right then left but today doesn’t seem to be your day. The security is too tight and there’s no way you can escape. You peek up to look at your parents and they give you an encouraging nod, gesturing you to lie down on the scanner belt. With trembling legs and sweaty hands you make your way towards the scanner, walking at a turtle pace. You receive a look from one of your parents, resulting in you walking faster. Finally, you’re a step away from the scanner and you get a brilliant idea to save yourself from getting scanned. Continue reading