‘It’ – a short story

We had a weird connection; my child and I. A very weird connection, indeed.

My small child had been in my thoughts forever. Every decision that I ever made; I thought of it. I still do, which is bizarre but I still do.

Deciding which job should I choose; I thought of it. I thought if my job would have a good effect or, God forbid, bad effect on my child. Will the job have any facilities for it? Mind you, the job should have facilities for it or I wouldn’t take the job. Period.

Deciding who I should marry; I thought of it. After all, till now, it and I had been together for years, which is bizarre but it’s true. So very true. I thought if this man can be the right father for it? Can he give it the future, the beautiful and full of love future my child deserved, can he? So, I chose the man I thought would be perfect for it and for me. It was happy to find a father, after all these years. I was happy too. I really was.

Deciding which house to buy; I thought of it. Those days were the best! They really were because I wasn’t the only one thinking of it now. Finally, there was also somebody else thinking of it. Now, he was thinking of it too and how from two; we’ll become three soon. He said “real soon”, I still remember which is bizarre but I do remember. I don’t only remember the words but the joyful tone of his voice, the sparkle in his eyes, the way he couldn’t and wouldn’t stop his lips from smiling. I remember it all so well. Coming back to the house; we chose a nice cozy small house situated right in the center of the city. It had three bedrooms; one was ours, one for the guests and one for it, our child, of course. You guessed it. I know. But yet again, I had guessed a lot of things too which weren’t as how I had guessed.

I had guessed, not fully, but it had started to occur to me. After all, it had been three years but there was still just the two of us, just two. It has been five years now. A lot has happened till now; the reports came long time ago. He hugged me when they did. Of course, he hugged me.

The saddest part is that we will never be able to name it a he or a she. It will always remain it. The saddest part is that the room is still empty. We’re thinking of making it into a study or a reading room or maybe somewhere we can put our art supplies. I don’t know. I don’t know anything, anymore but he does. He says so.  The saddest part is that the job facilities don’t matter anymore, like a lot of other things which have stopped mattering anymore.

It still comes to visit from time to time which is bizarre. But it still does. I like when it comes to visit. At least, it visits.


All Rights Reserved.

This was a short story I wrote some days back. I don’t know why but it’s close to my heart. Maybe, because I wrote it in an hour. Never did I think I could come up with something worth reading as a result of a college assignment but viola, I like this. What do you think?

Hope you liked it!

Don’t forget to give your feedback!

Peace. Meet ya’ll in my next post. 🙂


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