Amazing Moments From Lord Of The Rings

Lord of the rings is the most amazing experience anyone can have and I can’t imagine anyone who had read the books or seen the movie that hasn’t fallen in love with it. ❤

And with the hype of The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies going on, why not remember some amazing moments from the amazing trilogy! 😀

Check ‘em out;

  1. The Hobbit Diet:


The hobbit diet is indeed different from all others! 😛


This is something that I’ve started to do. *mimics Pippin’s smile*


You can find this on Etsy. I plan on painting it for my room or maybe on a phone case! 😀

  1. The ego of a dwarf:


Absolutely love this scene. ❤ 😛

  1. Competitions between Legolas and Gimli:


Now now Gimli, aren’t we being a little unfair.



Absolutely hilarious! 😛

  1. Gimli and Legolas’s friendship:


Love this scene. ❤

  1. Here comes a proud moment:


Makes me so proud! 😀

  1. The true Boromir:


This the moment when you see the actual person a Boromir is and not the man who was driven by the desire for the ring.

  1. Sam the Wise:


This is one of the most beautiful quotes from LOTR and a great self-reminder as well.

  1. The amazing Pippin moment:


I guess sometimes you don’t need people of intelligence instead people of bravery and friendship.

  1. Fellowship of the ring:


And let the adventure begin! 😀


Peace. Meet you all in my next post! 🙂


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