Tribute to Aitzaz Hasan

While the Peshawar Massacre leaves a depressing effect on every single person who has a heart; I feel that it is important for us to take a moment and remember Aitzaz Hasan.


tribute to Aitzaz Hasan



Why are we remembering him?

On 7th January, 2014, Aitzaz was on his way to school when he spotted a suspicious person. When Aitzaz tried to stop him, he started walking faster towards the school.

In an attempt to stop the bomber, Aitzaz threw a stone which failed to hit him. Then Aitzaz ran towards the person and grabbed him, prompting the suicide bomber to detonate his explosive-laden vest.


There are other accounts too. But they all end in the same way;


Aitzaz Hasan’s bravery saved thousands of lives of innocent people.


Only 15 years old but brave enough to sacrifice his life for the lives of others.

Aitzaz Hasan was the brave son of Mujahid Ali. His family included his mother, brother and two sisters. He was a 9th grader at the Ibrahimzai high school-which is now known as; Aitzaz Hasan Shaheed High School.

He is described as an accomplished student who excelled in all extra curricular activities, as described by his cousin, Mudassir Bangash.

Aitzaz Hasan & the Peshawar Massacre

We got to know the true essence, if we had not already known, of the huge sacrifice Aitzaz Hasan had given earlier this year, now that we have faced the Peshawar massacre. How hundreds of innocent souls, majority of children, left this world. What had they done?

How the bravery of Aitzaz Hasan had saved this from happening earlier this year!


 And I couldn’t agree more.


May the soul of Aitzaz Hasan and all those who lost their lives in the Peshawar Massacre rest in peace and may their families be granted strength. Remember them in your prayers.


Peace. Salam.


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