Candles that burn no more

You sent your child-a part of you, the biggest source of happiness and peace-to school, like you always do. But you had no idea while you were making breakfast for him and making sure he looked perfect for the school function, that today he might not be coming home smiling-like he always did.

Four students and two teachers martyred with 28 injured as militants attack Army school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Just writing this heading, I had to edit it two times as the number of beautiful people that gave their lives in this militant attack increased.

I remember the days I went to the army-run school just like this one. Wore the same green sweater these children are wearing.

Just like I had went to school everyday with the intentions of studying and meeting my friends; these children had also left their homes today with the same intentions and with the excitement to attend the special function today.

Who would have known what awaited them…

The auditorium which was set for the function would not hold an event instead hold a blast.

We can not even imagine what these children are going through; how it may effect them-physically and emotionally. Nor, can we imagine what pain their parents are going through while they look for their children… while they pray for the well-being as the ambulances carry them to the hospital.

TTP claims attack

A spokesman for a faction of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed the responsibility of the attack said the gunmen had been ordered to shoot older students at the school in the city of Peshawar.


May I ask why? Why shoot them? What did they do?

Today, it does not matters who believes in which religion.

Today, what matters is that innocent children, teachers, security guard and many more innocent souls are dying.

What is their fault?


15 children martyred along with teachers and security guard. Total of 18 martyred.

These are not just 18 people;

These are 18 families.

These are 18 dreams.

These are 18 pillars of the country.

These are 18 candles that burn no more.

And the ones who lived

What will go through their innocent minds now that they have seen their friends die right before their eyes?

When they look down at themselves and see blood covering a once spotless uniform, what will go through their innocent minds?

How much strength will the parents need to muster when sending their child again to school?

What should we do?

-Pray for these children, teachers and security staff.

-Pray for the hospital staff and army helping them. The operation by the army is going successful as 3 terrorists are told to be killed.

-Stay strong and not fall weak because that is what these terrorists want.

-Show support towards the Defense forces as they carry on the Zarb-e-Azb operation.

-Erase all differences and do as much as you can to help. Raise your voice against terrorism.

Like I wrote in Today I realized what these terrorists want ;

These terrorists want us to live in fear and hate. We can not let them win.

Today; it is proved how much of a coward all these terrorists are.

What is amazing:

The strength of the parents as they tell that they are proud of their child who gave his life as he was brave and these terrorists are not.

The strength of the injured children who are helping their fellows reach the ambulance.

The strength of the children looking brave and determined.

Thank you, terrorists:

The more they make us go through pain, the stronger we get.

We will not be scared and we will keep on trying to provide a safe country, a safe world to our future generations.

The children and all the people who lost their lives and innocence; let their sacrifice not go in vain.

Peace. Salam


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