Today I realized what these terrorists want

Hostages held by ‘Islamists’ in Sydney cafe siege

As many as 30 people being held hostage in a cafe in Martin Place by at least one gunman.

With Christmas right around the corner; the terrorists come to ruin the happiness. And we, instead of focusing on praying for the hostages to come out of the cafe safe and uninjured; started focusing on hate and Anti-Muslim propaganda.

How does it makes me feel?

As a Muslim it makes me feel embarrassed when now and then I see the name of Islam being abused by terrorists that know nothing about Islam.

I feel like the right to resist the hate Muslims get, when Anti-Muslim sentiments are provoked, slips away every time the name of Islam is abused.

In short; strength was going away that all we can ever get is hate when Muslims are also dying while fighting against terrorism. Even though; these terrorists and true Muslims are extreme opposite to each other.

But then I saw this;

sydney siege

To see someone could think like that was a light in the darkness.

Not to mention the trend #illridewithyou

Sydney siege

To see the huge amount of people showing their support by tending #illridewithyou worked like a bright light in a dark tunnel.

The way Australians have showed so much concern towards racism is beautiful and it over-shadowed all the hate and Anti-Muslim propaganda.

These beautiful  people;

Sydney siege - no to racism

Sydney siege - no to racism

And countless more!

You all have restored the faith in humanity. No matter how much hate surrounds, remember there’s love right around the corner.

Today I realized what these terrorists want!

For the Muslims to loose their strength and the Non-Muslims to loose what is good and start hating.

To spread hate and fear in this world; that is what they want. But, we will NOT let them win.

Like Charles Clymer tweeted:

Sydney siege

And I couldn’t agree more.

All we have to do is pray for the hostages, stay strong, spread love and do NOT let these terrorists win no matter how much they try.

Don’t forget to remember the hostages in your prayers.

Peace. Salam.


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