Finger-likin’ good burger

I have been eating burgers for years but the burger we make at home following this recipe has no match! It’s finger-likin good [like the title says] and really fulfilling. 😀

Just thinking about it is making me feel hungry–no lie. 😛

So, let us start making it already!


Burger Buns
Burger Buns
Boneless Chicken (recipe given below)
Cabbage (recipe given below)



Tomatoes: Expose them to direct flame to get the flavor and look.

Cabbage: Mix nicely sliced cabbage with mayonnaise and a spoonful of yogurt along with some salt and black pepper.

Chicken: Take boneless chicken and cook it with;

  1. Salt
  2. Vinegar
  3. Red pepper
  4. Soya sauce
  5. Tikka masala

– No need to add oil or water. It will cook in its own water. When cooked, shred your chicken. Do not shred too small so you can enjoy it in your burger!

Burger buns: Spread some margarine and heat them from both sides.


Spread mayonnaise and tomato ketchup on the burger buns.

Place tomatoes, shredded chicken and then the cabbage mixture.

Voila, your done! Serve with fries or just eat it as it is because it sure is delicious.

And you’ll get

 finger-likin' good burger - easy recipe and SO yummy ! :D finger-likin' good burger - easy recipe and SO yummy ! :D

Now, isn’t that yummy? 😀

Peace. Meet you in my next post! 🙂


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