Going through the parent scanner

You look right then left but today doesn’t seem to be your day. The security is too tight and there’s no way you can escape. You peek up to look at your parents and they give you an encouraging nod, gesturing you to lie down on the scanner belt. With trembling legs and sweaty hands you make your way towards the scanner, walking at a turtle pace. You receive a look from one of your parents, resulting in you walking faster. Finally, you’re a step away from the scanner and you get a brilliant idea to save yourself from getting scanned. How about you distract them by performing those new dance moves you learned and hence; you start, 200 (37) But even after five minutes of this epic dance routine; they gesture towards the scanner just as you stop. You let out a sigh, accepting your fate and lie down on the scanner belt. Peeking at your parents one last time and watch them looking attentively at the screen. “How bad can it go, right?” Just as you think that; you come out of the scanner and your heart stops as the siren begins. Crap, you’re caught! This is going to be a long, long day. 200 (1) Parent Scanner a.k.a your parents keeping an eye on you

  • There are many times when you find your parents interrogating about;
  1. What you are doing?
  2. Where you were?
  3. Where you are going?
  • Sometimes, you find them looking at your PC screen or maybe your phone.

giphy How does it make you feel?

  • Irritated
  • Annoyed
  • ‘Respect my privacy, for God’s sake!’
  • UGH!

200 (45) Why do they do it? You, as their child, are their responsibility. It is their responsibility;

  • To save you from the evil in this world.
  • To help you recognize what is right and what is wrong.

Let us take a child as a canvas and all the people in this world are the ones who will be continuously throwing paint at this canvas. 200 (44) Not caring how it may affect the painting but your parents do care of how the painting a.k.a. you, will end up. And thus, they act as those factors who erase the paint marks that hurt you but sometimes they can’t and to avoid being in this situation; they make sure you don’t get a stain on you that they can’t remove.

Hence; the scanning and the interrogation.

This is your right Being checked is your right and keeping an eye on someone for their sake is real hard work. Trust me, I’ve done it. There are times in life when you wish someone had stopped you. When you wish that someone had told you not to do what you did. Maybe, your parents did but you were too busy feeling annoyed and thinking; ‘what do they know about this!’ 200 (46) All our lives we are told to fight for our rights but how ironic it is that the rights that are being fulfilled; we do not like them. Your parents weren’t born old.  They have gone through all the things you are going through. They have much more experience than you. It will do good to listen and consider what they’re telling. I think it is time we change our attitudes towards our parents. I can guarantee you that it will do well to you and to them. Because, of course, we want to be a painting masterpiece not a canvas which gets thrown in the garbage.

Peace. Meet you all in my next post. 🙂


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