Black & White Photography

“There’s something really appealing about the simplicity of black-and-white images.”

-Joseph Gordon-Levitt


My teacher didn’t show up -.-

So, I decided to take this matter in my own hands *looks out at a distance*.

Coming to the point, I chose the topic ‘Black & White’ which also lingered a little around ‘Hands & Feet.’ More like ‘Hands & Shoes’, to be honest, I’m not really a big fan of taking pictures of feet. Keep your feet to your own self *flips her hair* No offense there.

I changed my camera’s setting to ‘Grainy Black and White’ and voila! Even the most common things that looked absolutely boring in normal settings; got a nice touch to them. 😀

To be honest, I really enjoyed this assignment! What I love about Black and White shots is that it involves contrast making the final result really attractive.

Glad I took the matter in my own hands *looks out at a distance… again*

Have a look;

Black and white photography  contrast

Like how the lamp looks so shinny and has a really sharp black and white contrast.

Same with the picture below!

Black and white photography  contrast

black and white photography

My phones’ torch comes in handy now n’ then. 😛

I really like this sculpture especially that expression in her eyes. ❤

black and white photography

Black and white photography

Drawing is a really good remedy for emotional stress. Let it out on a paper.

black and white photography

And how couldn’t I add this one? I really like these pumps. *insert angelic smile here*

black and white photography

 I showed this to some people and every one of them perceived this picture differently!

  • One perceived it as a woman’s face.
  • Another perceived it as a road.

In reality; it’s a drawer with pencil sharpening all over it.

black and white photography

 “Everyone craves a deep conversation with someone who ends up understanding it exactly what you were trying to say.”



black and white photography

In free time…


  • Keep your ISO low or else you won’t obtain much contrast and thus, resulting in a less dramatic effect that every good Black n’ White picture has.

In the following picture of that colorful trunk I always find so attractive; I had my ISO at 6400 with aperture at 3.5 and shutter speed at 1/125 sec.

Black and white photography

In the next picture of the same trunk at the same time by just changing the ISO to 3200; I got a different result which personally I like more than the other one. There’s more contrast and has a better dramatic effect to it.

black and white photography

Take out your camera and start experimenting with Black n’ White! 

Hope you enjoyed. Peace on ya’ll

Meet you in my next post! 🙂


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