Shoe Box into Canvas


Did you ever have that sudden urge to paint but didn’t have a canvas?

Or maybe you’re not that confident about your painting skills yet, like me, and that’s the reason you don’t want to spend your money on those expensive canvases. Better practice on something not-so-expensive and then take the next step towards ‘officially’ painting on a canvas.

For these reasons and some other; here’s what to do!

Convert a shoe box lid into a brand new canvas! Great thing it is in order to build your confidence about your painting skills.

Things you’ll need

  • The basic stuff:


  • The main stuff:



It’s really sweet n’ simple. So, here we go 😀

Step #1: Reinforcing the lid


I like to call this step ‘The Reinforcement Step.’


Because in this step; you have to strengthen the joints of your box’s lid.

For this purpose I used paper tape.

Apply your tape in a way so that it starts from the inside of one corner and ends on the outside of the same corner. Cut it and start new on the next corner.

Repeat on all four corners and you’ll end up with this;



Strengthening the lid’s corners by the use of tape, in this case, paper tape so the canvas you make is strong and reliable.

Step #2: Cutting your cloth


  1. Spread your cloth; making sure it is ironed and has no wrinkles.
  2. Measure the amount of cloth you will need in order to cover the front and sides of the lid.
  3. Leave some allowance in the cloth so it can easily cover the sides and reach the back of the lid where it can be glued/ taped to.
  4. My measurement of the allowance; 3 inches on all four sides.

This is what you’ll end up with;


Step #3: Gluing it together


Take out that liquid glue of yours and start gluing your cloth on your lid.

Make sure you do NOT apply any glue to the front and sides of your shoe box lid! Only apply your glue to the back side, like done in the picture.

This is what you’ll end up with;


This is what your soon-to-be a canvas will look like from the back;


Step #4: Reinforcing

If you’re not very satisfied with only gluing your cloth; you can reinforce it by using paper tape.

A view from the back of your canvas;


Now, it’s time to reveal how your canvas looks like from the front.

This depends on the type of cloth you used.

I used ‘paper cotton’ which is an extremely see-through cloth and for that reason I can still see the lid through it;


This is perfect if you want to make an abstract painting like this one;


I made this also on a canvas made from a shoe box lid.

Inspired by:

Do check it out! It’s really good 🙂

BUT, if you are planning on painting something on which you are keeping your canvas as your painting’s background then;

  • Go for a cloth which is not see-through.
  • Repeat the process and apply the same cloth at least two times more.

As I have already made an abstract one and am planning a painting with canvas as the background. I went for the 2nd option and got my desired canvas:


Voila! You’re done!

Better start painting now! 😀

Peace on ya’ll. Meet you in my next post! 😀


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