Color Assignment

So on my first class at the Photography Workshop; I was given a color assignment so I could practice finding the right point of emphasis while capturing a picture – more like what is my focus/emphasis in my mind when taking a picture?

In this assignment; I had to choose one color which would stand out easily in a picture becoming my point of emphasis. Bold colors like red, yellow or green are the best for this purpose. Then finding that color in the things around you; you capture ’em, making them the emphasizing point of your click.

I chose red :}

Roamed around the whole campus; capturing red wherever I found it! And Voila! got some decent shots.

A few of my clicks are as following and without any editing *insert angelic smile here* Take a look! 🙂

 IMG_3765made A stool! 


 from a magazine!


I absolutely love these ❤ These two are from a trunk. It’s a piece of art, lemme tell ya. Really colorful and eye-catching! Always catches my eye 😉



This was my own shirt! One of my favorites, actually, this shot is. Also the reason I chose the color red for this assignment. One example right there for me. 

I tend to make my work easy! I call it ‘smart working’. You get me, right? *high five* 😀


A row of windows! I absolutely love this click. It’s using aperture (background is blur), Focusing, perspective (the angle from which it’s taken) and also ISO because this room has one of the most dim lighting of all others! 

Hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you think 😀

Take out that camera of yours, choose a color and get started with this assignment yourself 😀

Peace on ya all! See you in my next post 🙂


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