Photography: What I’m learning

Peace on ya all!

I’ve started a photography 3-months intensive workshop!

The things I’m learning AND right from the first day is absolutely incredible making every Monday, believe it or not, a day to look forward to. I never thought that could happen. *gives a goofy grin*

Canon EOS 700D


So, this is the camera I use and is my love! *eyes turn into hearts*

The camera I bought last year is Canon EOS 700D a.k.a. Rebel T5i Something we bought just before my sister’s engagement so I could be the ‘event photographer’.

Thank GOD! It was just the engagement and not the official wedding because I was horrible not so good, ok! Don’t gimme that look…


Because I had no idea about the technical stuff like ISO, Exposure, Aperture and all these really important things that we, as photographers, should be fined if we don’t know about it!

So, long story short, my camera was totally not being used to its full potential!

So, I’m spending some bling bling here to learn my camera’s full potential.

It’s not that I didn’t pin websites explaining about ISO and Focusing on my pinterest account!

But it was all so big and me being me, couldn’t bring myself to read all that. *gives an angelic smile*

This is going to be my photography portfolio where my photography experience will be present to be seen by all of you!

Don’t forget to give your feedback!

See ya all in my next post! :]


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